We are two passionate people offering trainings and coaching to youth workers, non-profits, businesses, and youth. We have over 20 years of combined experience working with youth, staff, and volunteers in non-profits. Learn more about Minh and Kimm here.

We work with organizations to improve their policies, train their staff, and offer ongoing support. Our main focus is creating inclusive youth program environments for LGBQ/T+ youth. We continue to expand our training offerings and would love to hear from you about how we can support your organization.

Our approach to training is interactive, honest, practical, and fun. Check out our training page for more details on how we do the work!


KYRIARCHY = A term coined by Elisabeth Schussler Fiorenza, with the concept of “intersectionality” originating from Kimberlé Crenshaw.

Kyriarchy is the complex system of identities (race, class, gender, sexual orientation, citizenship status, mental and physical ability, etc.) that have and hold privilege and power in our society. We cannot address one form of oppression without addressing all others. We’ll break this down simply and briefly in training.

Q = We aim to disrupt the systems of power and privilege through questions, critical thinking, and collaboration with all folks by creating a non-judgmental training space, where questions are addressed and participants leave with concrete skills and a new perspective.


We all have complex identities – race, gender identity, class, sexuality, ability, religion, and so much more. Every day, we interact with people, systems, and ideas that either affirm, degrade, or make invisible these aspects of who we are.

Our vision is to create spaces where people’s identities and experiences are affirmed, celebrated, and uplifted. Then, our hope is that these spaces expand and are passed on through new skills, growth, and language by our training participants.

We recognize that there are many incredible organizations, in Boston and nationally, that are doing similar work (check out our resources page). We are transparent about connecting you or your organization to the best fit. We want to be a resource and a collaborator – helping to do all of the work that needs to get done.

Thank you for facilitating such an intense topic in intentional, meaningful ways.

-LGBQ/T+ Inclusive Programs Training Participant