Minh Nguyen is a creative youth worker, weirdo, educator, and nerd.

Minh has nine years of experience in the youth development and nonprofit sectors, with seven years of experience at Tutoring Plus of Cambridge, two years as an Massachusetts Promise Fellowship AmeriCorps Member, and several decades of being a curious lifelong learner and observer of people & the world. Minh holds a BA in Psychology from Oberlin College, and an MS in Nonprofit Management from Northeastern College of Professional Studies.


Some of the things that Minh is most proud of accomplishing in the last several years are:

  • Finding a personal and professional voice and confidence
  • Supporting and supervising staff to create their own styles and approaches to positive youth development
  • Continuing relationships – Minh still keeps in touch with a student she first met in 2009 and still keeps in touch many co-workers from various positions across the Greater Boston area
  • Building long-standing relationships with school administrations, teachers, support staff, families, community partners, and contributors in the City of Cambridge, and an additional network through the Massachusetts Promise Fellowship
  • Managing evaluation systems including end-of-year student outcomes data analysis & program quality improvement observation process
  • Being awarded Rookie of the Year and then MVP of the Year by the Boston Asian American Film Festival community as a volunteer committee member for the last two years on the Marketing and Development Teams