We offer interactive, skills-based trainings to youth workers, non-profits, and businesses. Our current focus is on LGBQ/T+ inclusive trainings, but we are continuing to expand our offerings and would be happy to discuss what your organization is looking for.


For Providers…

LGBQ/T+ Inclusive Youth Programs | 5-6 hours

This is our most requested training! This training begins with the basics (see gender and sexuality 101) and builds toward evaluating personal and organizational inclusivity of LGBQ/T+ folks at your organization. The training involves group brainstorming of gender and sexuality stereotypes, personal stories from youth, interactive quizzes, and applied scenario discussions.

Gender and Sexuality 101 | 2 hours

Gender and Sexuality 101 is a basic introduction to the difference between gender and sexuality, an overview of terms, and suggestions for respectful ways to support LGBQ/T+ folks.

Youth Work Skills | 3 hours

Practical skills for youth workers to support “positive youth development.” This can be tailored to your organization’s experience, age(s) you work with, specific needs, etc.

For Youth…

We offer trainings for youth upon request. Topics we would love to cover: healthy relationships, consent & communication, and Gender and Sexuality 101.



  • Interactive and fun! We limit lecture and instead focus on activities, discussion, and learning from your colleagues/peers.

  • Welcoming! We try to meet people where they’re at by limiting judgment and answering all of your questions.

  • Useful! We provide practical strategies so that you leave training with the skills and confidence to support others.

  • Relatable! The most academic word we’ll use is kyriarchy. We rely on personal stories – whether our own or through videos, biographies, etc. of others – to help training participants connect with the topic.


Contact us to discuss training opportunities.

We will customize trainings to meet the needs of your organization.